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Who should seek services from a neuropsychologist?

This is a frequently asked question. There are a wide variety of reasons why one would have a neuropsychological evaluation completed. For children the typical concerns involve developmental issues that result in a lack of academic progress, problems with social skills or behavioral issues that are disruptive at home or in school. For adults concerns about day-to-day functioning, including at work and interpersonal relationships, may arise following some form of injury to the brain, whether through physical injury or onset of a disease process.

The types of concerns for which neuropsychological services may be sought include:

  • Neurological conditions such as hydrocephalus, autism/Asperger’s Disorder, meningitis, brain tumors, genetic disorders, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, learning disorders and epilepsy.
  • Brain injury that occurs as a result of a motor vehicle accident, sports injury (concussion), stroke, or infection.
  • Exposure to toxins such as lead, mercury, inhalants, cancer treatment with radiation or chemotherapy, exposure to alcohol in utero, and substance abuse.
  • Sometimes an assessment has already been completed by another professional, such as clinical or school psychologist or by an education specialist, but the interventions and recommendations have not been effective. At other times a new evaluation may be needed to determine the progress that has been made and to help refine the interventions and recommendations.