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Motor Speed & Coordination

The motor tests that are typically included in a neuropsychological test battery look at how effectively the individual is able to coordinate hand-eye movements, finger dexterity, balance and motor speed in general. These tasks, while appearing simple in and of themselves are critically important for to the performance of many tasks of daily living. Consider writing, which is something most of us do on a daily basis. Although having fine motor dexterity does not guarantee that you will be able to write calligraphy, your handwriting is likely to be illegible if you lack such dexterity. Particularly important for children is the ability to participate in sports and most sports require some combination of strength, coordination and speed. When motor skills are lacking we are less able to participate in such activities and end up being left out. So everything from academics to social interaction is to some degree dependent on motor skills. This is more so for individuals who suffer from various neuromuscular disorders or insults to the brain, including head trauma, stroke and tumors.