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Adaptive Functioning

Adaptive functioning refers to those skills that are necessary for us to navigate through the demands that are placed on us by our environments in a way that is effective. It includes such skills as our ability to communicate with one another. For example, being able to express your thoughts to others, comprehend what others say to us and deal with written material. Another important component of adaptive functioning involved the skills that are necessary for us to get through our basic today. The skills can include ability to care for on hygiene, complete home-based tasks at an age-appropriate level, or go to work or school and take care of our own health, whether putting on a bandage or preparing a healthy meal. Social skills are an extremely important component of our adaptive functioning. They involve our ability to develop relationships with others in a way that is mutually beneficial to us and to the other person. Also included in this domain as the range of interests and activities that we are involved in and how well we deal with our community.