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JPost- Matisyahu supports program to ease trauma in Haiti

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Matisyahu supports program to ease trauma in Haiti
Three-year therapy program to help Haitian school children who survived earthquake being launched by IsraAID and Jerusalem’s Herzog Hospital.

A three-year therapy program to help Haitian school children who survived last January’s devastating earthquake is being launched by Herzog Hospital’s Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma (ICTP) under the auspicies of IsraAID: The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid.

The effort by psychotrauma expert and ICTP director Prof.Danny Brom and colleagues is being supported by Matisyahu, the haredi singer, musician and two-time Grammy Award winner.

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Matisyahu, born Matthew Paul Miller 31 years ago, is an American hassidic reggae musician.

“It’s not about Jewish or non- Jewish or where you are from. It’s about human beings helping other humans,” he explained in a video.

After the earthquake, Brom flew to Haiti as part of the IsraAID delegation to help parents and teachers understand how to cope and be resilient in the face of catastrophe that killed 250,000 people and maimed thousands more. Now they aim for longterm psychological support.

Previously, ICTP sent teams to Sri Lanka in the wake of its tsunami and the US to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The ICTP also receives support from “NU,” an international awareness campaign in support of Israel that designs and sells T-shirts to promote its cause. Campaign co-directors David Kramer and Michael Lawrence partner with musicians, authors, non-profit groups and other organizations to promote the good that Israelis do at home and abroad – fast becoming one of Israel’s most unique and innovative social action platforms.

“Here at the NU Campaign we aim to inspire people worldwide to support Israeli causes through fashion, art and pop culture,” explained Kramer. “Israel has become a global leader in social innovation and activism, and we believe that is something to be proud of and take part in.”