Dr. Shahal Rozenblatt, Clinical Neuropsychologist, New York   Most Psychiatric Drug Use Is Long-term With Few Safety Data Nancy A. MelvilleDecember 28, 2016 Approximately 1 in 6 adults in the United States report use of a psychiatric

The Checkup By PERRI KLASS, M.D. DEC. 5, 2016 Preschool children are supposed to run around a lot and jump from one activity to the next. Trying to decide whether

College Board Simplifies Request Process For Test Accommodations 12/01/16 Announces New SAT® Testing Supports for English Language Learners NEW YORK—The College Board has overhauled its request process for testing accommodations,

Scientists at McMaster University’s Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute in collaboration with Sick Children’s Hospital have discovered genetic alterations in the gene DIXDC1 in individuals with autism spectrum disorders October 14, 2016 UPDATED October 14, 2016 // WASHINGTON, DC — Antidepressants, especially selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), can significantly disrupt sleep architecture in elderly patients and may contribute

When should patients with dementia give up the car keys? Response from Zaldy S. Tan, MD Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics, University of California Los Angeles; Medical Chronic Lyme Disease: The Controversies and the Science Paul M Lantos Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2011;9(7):787-797. Abstract and Introduction Abstract The diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease has been embroiled

Tagged under: , Clinicians should not routinely recommend electronic nicotine delivery devices (ENDS), such as e­cigarettes, to their patients who smoke. The wisdom of this evidenced­based recommendation stems from 4 key issues:

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Study Finds Increase in Temporary Paralysis Accompanied Zika Outbreaks By CATHERINE SAINT LOUIS AUG. 31, 2016 In seven countries that recently experienced Zika outbreaks, there were also sharp increases in

HEALTHY LIVING New Images Show Exactly How Zika Virus Devastates A Fetus’ Brain These images are hard to look at. 1 day ago | Updated 19 hours ago Anna Almendrala

By: Shahal Rozenblatt, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist Advanced Psychological Assessment, P.C. (866) 840-9790 People are highly complex organisms whose problems are of equal complexity. In order to effectively treat the

There’s growing evidence that the heart and brain are connected, since both rely on keeping the blood system healthy. Now, in a study published in the journal Circulation, researchers find