Dr. Shahal Rozenblatt, Clinical Neuropsychologist, New York

Understanding the Dangers of the Fake Marijuana Called ‘Spice’ or ‘K2′ Synthetic marijuana, often marketed as “natural incense,” “potpourri,” Spice or K2, is a significant public health concern, and 1

The discovery of “missing” genes could help scientists understand how autism develops, a study suggests. US researchers looked at the genetic profiles of more than 431 people with an autistic

How the Environment Changes Youths The long-term effects of outside influences on children and adolescents were spotlighted on MD Consult this week. In one of the first studies of its

José Urbina López Primary School sits next to a dump just across the US border in Mexico. The school serves residents of Matamoros, a dusty, sunbaked city of 489,000 that

There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who don’t POWER OF MYTH There’s one key difference between kids who excel at math and those who

Researchers hope that eventually microRNA-325 can be used to create a drug to help Alzheimer’s patients maintain low levels of tomosyn and preserve brain function. As the world’s population ages,

MRI brain scan showing multiple sclerosis lesions An anti-tuberculosis vaccine could prevent multiple sclerosis, early research suggests. A small-scale study by researchers at the Sapienza University of Rome has raised

Narcolepsy confirmed as autoimmune disease Results also partly explain why the 2009 swine flu virus, and a vaccine against it, led to spikes in the sleep disorder. 18 December 2013

ST. LOUIS — Deanna Barch talks fast, as if she doesn’t want to waste any time getting to the task at hand, which is substantial. She is one of the